Did you know that sun damage to the skin can be reversed? Well, it’s true, but of course, no old skin cream will do the job for you. The best way to start healing your skin is to help the process from within with good nutrition while using an active lotion with proven repairing ingredients.

1. Healing habits

There are many ways to heal your skin without even touching it. Sun damage to the skin can be reversed if your body gets all the nutrients it needs to repair and create healthier skin.

By eating lots of nutritious foods like fruits and lots of berries, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds, and supplementing with quality omega-3 fish oil.

Other things that help your skin are drinking plenty of water every day, breathing deeply and relaxing, and keeping your skin hydrated.

2. Intensive hydration

You can treat your skin intensively if you want to reverse sun skin damage quickly. For example, by applying healing active Manuka honey, pure aloe vera gel, shea butter, avocado oil or other healing substance to the area and allowing it to absorb, the skin will be deeply hydrated, hydrated and soon healed as well. .

3. Active skin cream

A skin cream with a host of active and proven healing and repairing ingredients is definitely your friend when it comes to repairing sun damaged skin. Look for an all-natural cream, because the chemicals can damage your skin even more.

Sun damage to the skin can be reversed if you use the cream regularly, every day or at least after every shower. Some ingredients to look for are;

– Cynergy TK, which is deeply hydrating and increases the radiance and growth of collagen and new skin cells.

– D-Panthenol, which repairs the skin, soothes and protects against sunburn.

– Active Manuka Honey, which has been shown to heal and rejuvenate the skin, making it younger and smoother.

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