The true passion of the 20th century is serfdom.

-Albert Camus

‘No one has a service attitude here; everyone is working only for a salary. But, everyone wants promotions and incentives. How can we achieve our goals and how will this company progress? One day, my boss was lamenting in a periodic review meeting. I started to think. What is this attitude of service? It is well known as Bondage. A person with an attitude of service to his family, company, society, will generally have this quality of servitude. The one who does not have the attitude of service is selfish and may not be able to progress and achieve something different in life.

It is true that at first we worked for our bread and butter and to feed our family. It’s not selfish. As Sadguru Jhaggi Vasudev rightly said; can be called ‘Positive Egoism’. We work hard to prove ourselves and achieve status and position in the Society. We become selfish and we always focus on our needs and the needs of our family and we never take care of the Society that is always a reflection of suffering and sadness. Warren Buffet says ‘Help others; that will become your business and you will prosper’! How many of us are ready to serve others by giving some time to the Society in which we live? In a world of increasing globalization and the world is fast becoming a global village; it is the need of the hour that we serve the interests of others and become partners in the progress of humanity’s development.

So who are the Personalities we can emulate in following the great quality of servitude? ‘Apostle of servitude’ Mother Teresa, though a government employee in the service of the government organization, who was destined to become the father of India’s missile technology Dr.APJAbdul Kalam, a big dreamer who is just a child who pours gasoline on a Burmese Shell company that dreamed big of owning the Petrol bunk chain; who is none other than the Founding Chairman of the Indian Company Reliance Industries Ltd, the Company that owns oil wells all over India and has its own gasoline depots; making the dream of its Founder, Ratan Tata come true, who always strives to serve the Society through the prestigious products of his Company which has given the world the small car and has motivated all other auto companies to produce automobiles. children and won the world prize for the car of his dreams Tata ‘Nano’, Jesus Christ, who sacrificed his life for the good of humanity and who was treated as a common man by the Rulers of the Society of his days, is an attitude of servitude personified: all this and many more can be cited as examples that are apostles of servitude and gratitude towards the Company in which they live.

There is attitude in gratitude. If you do not have the quality of gratitude towards the Society where you live, it is possible that we cannot live in peace and universal brotherhood as Swami Vivekananda proposes. We have to strive to live up to the expectations of the greats of our contemporary society and always remember Mother Teresa’s timeless quote ‘This life is a gift from God; what you do with this life is your gift to God.’

The attitude of servitude and gratitude is the only way to achieve the goals that you set for your Family, Society, Company and Country.

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