I’ll show you how to automate Twitter to send hundreds, even thousands of new friends to your Facebook account. So how different is Twitter from Facebook?

Simply, Facebook is a very different platform. It allows us to interact more with our friends and their friends, thus multiplying our marketing efforts, while Twitter is a pretty static platform, but you can achieve a certain viral effect on Twitter when people retweet your tweets.

First you will need to open a Twitter and Facebook account

We will also need to join Social Oomph, this is also free, type Social Oomph in Google search to get the web address.

Once you have your Twitter account up and running and have put information about yourself on your profile, what you do, etc., put a nice photo of yourself on your profile and include your URL on your Squeeze page, website, or blog.

We’ll be using Twitter and Facebook to grow our list, so any URL you put on your profile should point somewhere where you have a signup form.

But first things first, we first need to automate our Twitter friend collection efforts. For this, we will use automation software like Tweet Adder, just Google Tweet Adder.

I have been using this software for several months. I only suggest as Niche for the software to search. Find people on Twitter who tweet about this niche.

Then I can set it up to follow people automatically. Once you follow people, they will start following you. What you have now is a set of ready friends, all on autopilot.

Now, following people on Twitter is not a guarantee that they will choose to follow you. In fact, there will probably always be a 10-20% difference in the number of people you choose to follow, compared to the number of people who actually follow you. You will almost always follow more people than follow you. This is fine, this keeps Twitter happy, I’ll explain it in more detail in Part 2.

So we’ve got our Twitter account set up and now we’re targeting people who like or tweet about internet marketing to be our friends.

Next we go to Facebook. We set up our account and put a nice photo on our profile, preferably one of you smiling. Now you can place a photo of you or you and your partner.

If possible, make it a happy smile, as you’ll want to add value to your visitors’ experience, and a miserable face with tombstone black teeth just doesn’t cut it in the fast-paced world of internet marketing (lol)… people want be friends with happy positive people

Having an attractive personality says a lot about you to potential friends. Inbound marketing is the most important thing right now and it’s all about interacting with your prospects, sharing information with them and getting to know them properly.

Okay, in the box under your profile picture, we put up a short bio about what we do, maybe something like this: this is my short bio:

“I’ll show you how to succeed in making all the money you could ever want!” I then follow it up with a link to my landing page.

You don’t need to say much here as you have plenty of chances to tell everyone about yourself and what you are like on your real profile. Use your profile space wisely if you are in the internet marketing business, or any other business, and are trying to attract friends who may be prospects for your business.

People can see your photos, they can see your videos and comments, so if you’re using Facebook for professional purposes, it’s best to keep it professional. First impressions are very important. It’s great to show your family photos, but if you have embarrassing photos on your profile, it might be worth removing them.

Before I explain the “Meat and potatoes” of how to do this. We are going to focus on Twitter for a moment, now some people don’t particularly like Twitter as it is considered impersonal unlike social networking sites like Facebook.

Twitter tends to be more of a messaging system, rather than a true social platform; Unfortunately people on Twitter don’t tend to interact much, my Twitter Newsfeed is more like a continuous feed of spammy links interspersed with the occasional piece of interesting news.

I can’t say I really know, any more than a handful of my Twitter followers. I don’t blame them, I blame myself as I should be messaging them more and getting to know them. By uploading them to Facebook, in my opinion, we have a better platform to do it.

So what we’re going to do here is take as many of our Twitter followers as possible and turn them into our Facebook friends.

This gives us the opportunity to interact with them appropriately and to cultivate better relationships; this will lead to better networking opportunities with people we probably never would have gotten to know very well.

OK, so we have our Twitter account up and running, we also have our Facebook account open.

Now we need to get our free Social Oomph account up and running: log in and do the following:

There are many more features in Social Oomph that I am explaining here today. Because getting into all the features of Social Oomph is beyond

the scope of this advice today. It would take an entire article just to explain all the other great features of the Social Oomph app.

Social Oomph will allow you to do some cool things like embed your blog posts into your social networks automatically, follow your Twitter followers automatically, etc., etc.

If you want, you can also upgrade to the Pro version, which has many more great features. But to be honest, I prefer FREE… it’s cheaper! (LOL)

For the purposes of today’s tip, we’re going to use the “Direct Messages” feature. Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll see this on your back office home page, which is in the middle of the left hand side of the page, in the blue shaded panels.

Click on “Direct Messages”

Once you’ve added your Twitter account(s) to Social Oomph, you’ll now be able to send direct messages to all of your followers; You can also do it directly through your Twitter account, but unless you automate this, it can take forever to reach ALL of them.

However, with Social Oomph, you can send a fully automated message to each of your Twitter followers. And to any followers you have from now on. – EVERYTHING on AUTOMATIC PILOT.

What I do is I INVITE my Twitter followers to join me as a friend on Facebook. In this way, I can get to know them properly and interact with them.

Now you are going to add your personal direct message, here is what you need to do. Go to “Direct Message” and then “Schedule New DM”

This is the message I use:

Let’s be friends on Facebook. I love connecting with interesting people ~ Keith (include your company URL here) now your direct message to them will not have a clickable hyperlink, currently the Twitter DM feature does not allow that, however , if you want to be your friend, you should cut and paste the link in your browser. You can add a note to the message to explain this.

You see, it’s kind of hard to say NO to that request, isn’t it? – Who doesn’t want to be considered “interesting”?

Now once you have sent this message via Oomph social to all your followers (don’t worry if you don’t have any yet)

then you can set it up automatically, to send the message to all your NEW followers too, using the automation menu.

Here’s a great tutorial to show you how to do this, step by step.

Therefore, many of your Twitter followers will become your Facebook friends. All on autopilot.

If you then click on “Social Accounts” in the left-hand panel, then under “Automation Statistics”, you can see exactly how many followers you have.

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