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budget for billiards

Pool cues and shafts can be found at a variety of different price levels and levels of manufacturing labor. More serious pool players who play more often than occasionally will almost always prefer to get a pool cue, and perhaps more importantly a cue stick shaft, of higher performance levels. Whether you choose a Meucci pool cue, a Predator cue, or the performance shaft now released by Lucasi, Mcdermott, Predator, and Meucci is mostly a matter of individual preference, and really determined by the many ideas floating around on the market. the pool league you play in or, in general, the people you play with.

Regardless of which brand you buy, however, one thing is absolutely certain: the highest performing pool cues and shafts can sometimes be downright expensive. For that reason, budgeting properly can make a lot of sense in the long run. Spend a little time shopping around and researching before you jump in and make that purchase to make sure you don’t end up paying more than you should because of talking to an extremely skilled salesperson.

A great tip to ensure you’re not spending more than required is to look for discounts that may apply to you before making the leap to a new pool cue or cue shaft. Be sure to ask verbally, especially in your local leagues, to find out if they can actually have discounts with a specific pool dealer.

If you’re in the US military, you might even consider asking billiards players you know are also in the military where they buy their pool products. Chances are they have already done some discount searching if they are advanced pool players and can probably point you in the right direction to discover a pool shop to help you with a discount.

As mentioned above, it’s a very good plan to have a very clear picture in your mind of what brand of pool cue you want to get before you even go to that pool store. If you can do this early enough to actively save, you’ll probably make a smarter purchase. One final helpful tip: look around on the eBay auction website. eBay is famous for having great deals, but be warned: buying on eBay can sometimes void your manufacturer’s warranty. However, if the deal is good enough, that might not be a real concern.


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