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Creating Your Squeeze Page




  2. GOALS

3.1 The Game and the Uses

3.2 Squeeze Page Types

3.3 It is a useful trap

3.4 Types of Offers

3.5 Call to action

3.6 Practices

3.7 The process



A capture page is a web page with a form, where you collect the email addresses (and possibly names) of your prospects to further interact with them in your attempt to attract and convince them to do business with you in the near or future. far.

There are two possible aspects to a squeeze page:

– The theory of what should be and

– The practice of setting it up online.

In a good show of brevity I will touch on both aspects in this discussion.


– To highlight the importance of a squeeze page for any web based business.

– Encourage students to practice the process of creating their capture page

– Provide resources that can facilitate the learning process and shorten the learning curve.


3.1 The Game and the Uses

If you’ve been online for a long period of time, you may remember visiting a website, and after a while, software appears seemingly out of nowhere asking for your name and email so they can send a gift to your inbox. of e-mail.

That page was a squeeze page on display!

It’s called a landing page for two reasons:

  1. It is used to get (squeeze) customer details (names and emails) through the sales funnel to the landing page.

  2. It is also used to obtain (squeeze) the email addresses of prospects for future marketing activities.

Most of the time, the experience can be quite annoying, but prospects are appeased with carefully curated and matched freebies that will perfectly soothe all their annoyances while also satisfying their curiosity for free information (or sometimes products). /free services). are used as bait giveaways) about a certain niche of your interest.

3.2 Squeeze Page Types

There are three most popular types of capture page, namely:

  1. Static Compress Page – The most common, cost-wise, beginner-friendly static you see on most websites

  2. Popup popup page – a bit expensive, and the

  3. Splash squeeze page – a highly professional software

There are all the plugins that are used to collect people’s emails for marketing purposes and the format of choice is up to you and the money at your disposal, as well as the speed with which you want to build your list.

If you are using WordPress CMS to run your website, there are many of these plugins that are free to use. Even if you’re not using WordPress, most of them can still be adapted to other content management software like Wix, Joomla, and Google Blogger.

Squeeze page is such an important tool in managing your website and no serious, professional and experienced site owner will make the mistake of ignoring its use.

The next time you visit a website, take a look around to see if it has this neat marketing tool.

Otherwise, please leave the website as soon as possible.

Reason: the site is owned by a hobbyist; you may not have much to offer other than buy, buy, buy…

Some websites even go to the extreme of adding a timer and counter to encourage their prospects to sign up as quickly as possible; and in view of the overwhelming statistics on such web pages, this easily robs visitors of any resistance.

3.3 It is a useful trap

Before setting up the capture page, you may have prepared the offer and stored it somewhere so that your customer can be REDIRECTED as soon as they finish the registration process.

It is these offers that you advertise on your capture (signup) page that will act as a subtle bait to induce your prospects to be willing to give out their email/name, and by doing so, successfully capture their addresses for future business. offers and follow-up.

In general, the content on the capture page should not be too much to avoid distractions, simple bullet points and minimal bullet points are recommended.

Remember to always add a sense of urgency and possibly scarcity and your (so to speak) trap will become very magnetic and effective.

3.4 Types of Offers

You can use any of the items listed below as an offer to encourage your potential customers to sign up. It all depends on you and the type of online business you are promoting.

But it is worth noting that your offer must match your business model, otherwise your unsubscribe rate will skyrocket. It’s also a good idea to set up your offer so that they can ONLY get it through their emails and not as a video or downloads that they can easily access elsewhere. This way, you will look more professional, successful, and less of a scammer.

Common types of offers are:

  1. Newsletter

  2. sample product

  3. email career

  4. ebook

  5. Video Course, etc.

The last three have the highest registration fees, although it all depends on their target market niches. From my experience on some of my websites, I also recommend adding any of the social pages and at least one video to increase your subscriptions. This opinion may be disputed by some webmasters, but as mentioned above, I support the idea for obvious reasons.

3.5 Call to action

Again I say, always include a social call to action with a very specific purpose on your landing page.


  1. Send me my free tips is better than Deliver your name and email
  2. Sign me up is better than register Here
  3. Get instant access is better than Join Here
  4. give me access is better than Subscribe Here

3.6 Practices

Now I’m going to talk about the practical aspect of setting up your capture and targeting page.

It is important to mention here that orientation is more critical than anything else.

Suffice it to say that before you even begin the process of setting up your landing page, you should ask yourself and answer the following question:

  1. What market am I targeting?

  2. Who are my anticipated audiences?

When I reach out to entrepreneurs, professionals, and bloggers who want to get their business online, I know my audience is mostly newbies: young people out of school, WASCE, diplomas, HND, graduates, retirees, 5 years before retirement, underemployed employees, BYO boss wannabes. and Unemployed.

The best deals for them are eBooks and eCourses etc.

I am targeting a different audience group when I sell software.

3.7 The process

Configuration wise, it’s the easiest thing to do, especially when you decide which particular list builder (autoresponder) you want to use. There is a wealth of information on their sites to help you do this like a breeze.

You also need to decide first as a learner whether you intend to start with a paid version or a free version to learn the dresses.

The most popular are Aweber, MailChimp, etc. as mentioned in previous courses. Their setup courses are easy to follow.


With modern software, anyone who isn’t a techie can set up a squeeze page. Just acquire the resources, hunker down, and learn the process step by step.


In this lesson, we cover the importance of a capture page for any online business venture. We also emphasized the fact that anyone who wants to set up their online business in such a way as to ensure profitability in the shortest possible time should place at least one registration form on the home page of their website.


THE PRACTICE: Sign up with any autoresponder of your choice and get a code.

Use that code on your website to create a landing page.

What is the difference between A SQUEEZE PAGE and an AUTORESPONSE?


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