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Critical thinking: do "Conspiracy theorists" Do you need to understand the law of resonance?

If someone spends a lot of time researching what appears to be going on behind the scenes, so to speak, they won’t be happy to follow the narrative sold by the mainstream media. You are likely a deeply curious person who has a need to know what is really going on.

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As a result of this, they could spend a good amount of time each day watching videos, reading articles, and reviewing posts on social media. You could also go further, sharing your own views on at least one platform.

Different sources

When it comes to who they get their information from, they might listen to a lot of the big names. On the other hand, they may not pay much attention to what they say because they see them as false opposition.

In your eyes, these people will be there to distract you from what is really going on. Therefore, although about seventy or eighty percent will be correct, the other thirty or twenty percent will not be.

Another trap

For many years, they may have been sent the wrong way by hearing what these people had to say. Now, however, they will be much more demanding as to who to follow.

Still, because they know that there are people who are there to keep people from “waking up,” it could frustrate them. But while they may try to make these people realize what is happening, they may rarely go very far.

Anything but direct

Along with this, they can do what they can to wake up people who primarily consume traditional media. There may be times when this is going well and times when they are labeled a “conspiracy theorist” who is “insane.”

Thanks to the resistance and even the criticism they receive, this is not always going to be easy or effective. Sometimes they may think that most people are asleep and are not interested in doing anything about what is happening.

The ideal

If this was not the case and the average person was open to hearing what you had to say, it would be very different. You might believe that this would make the world change very quickly.

So many people would “wake up” and change their behavior, which would mean that the elite could no longer control the masses. What is happening “out there” could no longer continue and humanity would soon be free.

A different perspective

You could say that this point of view makes sense as if people do not realize what is happening, how is the world going to change? Humanity will continue to be the victim of those in power and the world will only get worse.

Ultimately, what is happening “out there” must change and this will only happen when dealing with the elite. Now while this may seem like the only option, what if there is another way?

Caught up

The view that you are taking advantage of the average person and that those in power need to be dealt with for this to change comes from a sense of separation. Seeing themselves as separate from what is happening “out there”, they will naturally see themselves and their fellow men as victims of an external force.

One will not be more than a passive observer of what is happening externally. In reality, one is not separate from anyone or anything; this is just an illusion that your ego-mind creates.

A co-creator

The illusion that your mind creates is not a bad thing, as it is what allows you to have your own experience on this planet. However, when this is not something that one understands to one degree or another, it will be normal for them to allow themselves to be consumed by what is happening externally.

The upshot of this is that it will not occur to you that your own consciousness, in addition to the consciousness of all other people, is co-creating what is happening on this planet. What this means is that for there to be an elite “out there” that is up to no good, there has to be certain things within the collective consciousness.

The law of resonance

The external physical world is then a reflection of the non-physical internal world. This may seem like a word of mouth, but it is something that has been backed up by quantum physics.

What quantum physics claims is that, at a basic level, everyone and everything is made of vibrating energy, and when two things vibrate at the same frequency, they come together. Given this, the only way humanity could take advantage is if they are vibrating at a certain frequency.

Building blocks

When it comes to someone’s consciousness, this will include what is happening in both their conscious and unconscious minds. At a conscious level, someone may be against the elite, but at an unconscious level, they may actually be supporting and sustaining the very reality that they want to change.

Your unconscious mind may contain “negative” feelings and the parts of yourself that you perceive as bad. For example, those they view as “evil” may be a reflection of the parts of themselves that they have distanced themselves from.

Final thoughts

Furthermore, by being against the elite, they will indirectly feed energy into this reality and this is because they are not just observing what is happening. This boils down to the fact that what resists is what will persist and expand.

With all of this in mind, rather than trying to fight what is happening externally, it could be much more effective for them to direct their energy to be what they most want to see and integrate their own “inner darkness.” Going inside and facing your own wounds will be more difficult than fighting an external enemy, but it will probably do more for humanity.


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