What can you do to improve your sales immediately? What three traits do the best sales professionals embody?

“Every person in every profession is a salesperson. Approach sales as a continuous learning experience. We are continually learning the little things that make up our career as sales professionals.”– Zig Ziglar

We’ve all come across great sellers over the years, but it’s the shopping experience that makes a lasting impression on us, not the seller. Although many sales professionals rave about how great they are; Sales professionals who endure in your industry have all three of these traits.

one) They invest their time in a Mastermind group.

An Alliance of Masterminds (a term popularized by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich“) is a group of people (usually 5-8 people) who help each other grow their businesses, achieve things personally, and hold each other accountable for their goals.

Dave “The Shef” Sheffield, motivational speaker and sales industry veteran, says: “The mastermind should not be made up of people who are in the same industry, because it limits the diversity of ideas. There is a synergistic energy that flourishes. when great minds are focused on a common goal. “

Don’t wait until you are “successful” to join a Mastermind.

Morris E. Goodman was a young man without focus or direction who had dropped out of college. He was in the middle of a 13-week trial period when he came across Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Ritch.”

He went from being an aimless young man to aiming high, taking action on his goals, and surrounding himself with great people. In 1981, he sold nearly $ 15 million in insurance policies in one year ($ 29.83 million in 2018 dollars) and was a member of the “Millionaires Roundtable.”

Goodman said: “One of its intellectual members was Ben Feldman, a legend in the life insurance business who had $ 50 million in annual sales.” Feldman’s philosophy was “The thicker the proposal, the stupider the salesperson.”

Goodman said: “That phrase was worth millions of dollars to me. I simplified everything. I came up with an idea and three or six months later I came back with another. Selling, I learned, is building relationships, and that takes time.”

two.) Create an amazing experience

Have you ever visited an Apple store? It’s an amazing exercise in what a shopping experience should be.

My husband and I bought a new iMac computer online and shipped it to our local Apple Store.

When we arrived at the store to pick up our new purchase, we were greeted by our sales associate who knew us by name. (Actually, Apple devices signal employees with a customer’s name when they approach the store.)

Everything from the greeting we received, to the impeccable artwork on the box, to the fact that our associate delivered the computer to our car was designed to impress. When your shopping experience is impressive enough, it generates great loyalty.

In your business, follow Apple’s lead and hire associates who are positive, enthusiastic, eager to help their customers, and love their products.

3). Invest in your relationships and communicate with your “ears,” not just your mouth.

John Maxwell has a great “short course in human relations” – in his book, Relationships 101.

“The least important word: me;

The most important word: us;

The two most important words: Thank you.

The three most important words: All is forgiven.

The four most important words: What is your opinion?

The five most important words: You did a good job.

The six most important words: I want to understand you better. “

Maxwell says, “If you treat each person you meet as if they were the most important person in the world, you will communicate that they are someone to you.”

If you find yourself in a slump in sales, take the advice of the legendary Zig Ziglar and “Get back to basics with the right attitude.”

By adopting these three traits of excellent sales professionals, you will immediately improve your sales skills.

Which of the 3 selling traits will you adopt first?

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