Guys, as far as your body is concerned, how would you like it to look like on physical build shifts? Do you want the bulky, muscular “Arnold” look or the lean, muscular “GQ” look?

There is no right or wrong answer as it is all personal preference. BUT, you really need to understand how to achieve both if you want to achieve either.

What we will describe in the articles are the basics for the GQ skin.

To understand the “look” I mean, open a GQ magazine or imagine the Calvin Klein type of male model. They have more muscle mass than the average person, but they have much less body fat in percentage terms. Also notice that your muscles seem to be constantly flexing, right? (the proper term for this is muscle density)

If you’re a gym buff, you’ve probably noticed that most of the people who consistently hit the gym don’t have this “muscle density” look, right? So why do these models have this constant look? I say they have this constant look because most of those types of models have to be ready for a photoshoot at any moment.

Maybe it’s genetic. Maybe it’s your coach. Maybe it’s your diet. It may not be any of these things.

Do you know that you can achieve this look too, regardless of how you look now? To achieve any look, you just need to have the right muscle building program to achieve the physique you are looking for. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Feeding Habits

First of all, eat. Now before you get things out of hand, learn to eat smart. If someone says eat 6 times a day, they are NOT referring to 6 large meals a day. A snack, like an apple, could be considered 1 of the six times a day, understood?

So think about it, if you want your body to be leaner then you must eat leaner. Fasting once in a while is good, but fasting too often is bad. You need fuel for your body, but the type of fuel you put in determines how you can end up. Starving yourself is counterproductive, so be sure to eat while leaning over, okay?


Yes, the perfect abs. You have read about them before and will read about them again and again. The key to a slim good appearance is strong abs. Doing sit-ups and sit-ups may not get the results you’re looking for. Hanging planks and leg raises is an exercise that you need to focus on. These strengthen the abdominal muscles without achieving the appearance of muscle mass. then when you eat right and lower your body fat percentage, the strong muscles will show.

Lower body

If you want a slimmer look, then you may consider NOT doing squats and deadlifts. Oh sure, some say they’re great for toning your butt, but they also create the look of voluminous legs, so you may want to avoid them. An alternative can be some type of intense cardio. You can even consider a HIIT cardio workout or a Fartlek-type cardio workout 3 times a week. You’ll achieve the right tone without the lower body volume.

Upper part of the body

One trick some of the leaner bodied people do is to skip the traditional bench press altogether. Start doing chest exercises that most bodybuilders avoid, like the incline bench. Your chest will have a different look that’s more in line with model guys than bodybuilding guys, which is what you’re looking for to start with, right?

But there are also your arms and shoulders. Make sure you solve them, but don’t overdo it. Exercising until fatigue is not always beneficial for the appearance of lean muscle.

Understand what and how to exercise and you’ll be well on your way to that slim look. Combining that thought process with the other tips I outline will give you a good foundation for getting where you need to go!

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