Home renovation takes a lot of preparation, patience, and research to get it right. Otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for some pretty twisted headaches down the road when problems start to crop up. But, your home deserves a renovation, so you need to find the best way to carry out your renovation project, and it must be done on a tight budget. With proper preparation and PAAVAA, you can predict the timeline and cost of the entire project. Let’s take a look at the most critical areas that face renovations on a regular basis:

Living room

The living room is where you and your family spend most of your time, so it is a primary consideration when doing a home renovation. Take that dark furniture and replace it with some brighter and more modern. Change the furniture design, remove old wallpapers, and repaint the walls to make the room feel more open and welcoming.

Add hardwood floors for a polished look, remove those old rugs, and maximize natural light by adding a mirror or sheer curtains.


In the entire renovation process, this is perhaps the most daunting and expensive task. So before you start, make a checklist of all the things you would like to change and calculate the costs (you can do it alone or with your plumber). Consider adding glazed or porcelain flooring, making a change from just a shower to a tub and shower combination and swapping out the storage, sinks, and cabinets. Also, installing a vent is a must because you will need air circulation if there is no window in the room.

Kitchen room

The next room you need to freshen up in is the kitchen. Remove outdated wallpaper and add a tile backsplash because you can easily maintain it. Rinse and replace old floor tiles with new ceramic ones. If you are painting the walls, don’t save on cheap paint alternatives and choose high-quality semi-gloss paint because it lasts longer and doesn’t retain moisture.

Making small improvements can make a surprisingly big difference. Replace your old cabinet door knobs or drawer handles with new ones to complement your modern kitchen decor.


If you have a small room that gives off a bit of a claustrophobic feeling, you will need to adopt the mindset of making the most of that space. Make it comfortable and cozy with strategic style: For extra storage space, buy a daybed with built-in drawers and a sofa bed instead of a regular bed.

Replace large closets with quality shelves, add a built-in closet, and add a large mirror on the wall to enhance the size of the space. This may be your DIY home renovation task because a bedroom doesn’t require as much professional work as kitchens or bathrooms do.

Make a plan and try to stick to it, because it will help you avoid many headaches and transform your home into a comfortable place to live and rest. To find the best professional service providers to help you renovate your home in Edmonton, Calgary or Toronto, download our PAAVAA app and sign up as a customer.

Next, start your search for the best plumbing, heating, electrician, cleaning, flooring, painting, roofing and moving services just by telling us what you would like to see done. If you are a service provider, sign up and offer jobs to those who are preparing to make their home renovation project a reality. Get things done with PAAVAA – One app does it all.

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