Learning how to have a female orgasm could be a lot harder than anyone thinks. Men generally reach their sexual climax much easier and faster compared to their female partners. Most women need a little extra care and effort in order to achieve their orgasms.

Part of this lies in the biology of the females. Women do not ejaculate like men. Therefore, their sexual climax is mostly indefinite. Women can also have multiple, powerful orgasms in one session. But for a man, this is almost impossible, and if it happens, it is often dangerous.

Men trying to give their partners an orgasm should know that there are several common but effective techniques that work. Let’s take a look at these techniques.

1. Men must learn to prolong their own sexual climax. Most women take longer than men to peak.
2. If there are problems like premature ejaculation, it is necessary to seek treatment for them immediately. If the man ejaculates in a short time, the woman will most likely remain dissatisfied and frustrated.

One way to prolong ejaculation is for the woman to be the active partner. She must lie on top of her, so to speak. When the woman lies on top of her, the man cannot control the sexual act and therefore his arousal is slow. On the other hand, he gives women better control of the act and thus they get more aroused.

Foreplay should not be avoided

Foreplay is something that should be an important part of the entire sexual act. Foreplay not only prepares a partner for the penetrative aspect of sex, but also makes intercourse more pleasurable for both of them. When the foreplay is longer, the woman is likely to have more secrets in her genital tract. This helps her get a deeper orgasm.

Men should also become familiar with the various parts of a woman’s body and learn which of them are the most sensitive. She must learn to embrace these body parts. The most likely parts that men stimulate are the breasts and the clitoris, but even the innocent parts, like the thighs, armpits, nape of the neck, and so on, are highly excitable.

Sex positions must be used with care

There are many sexual positions that can be used and therefore it is not a good idea to stick to just one routine. The variety causes more arousal to women. Care should also be taken to stroke the organs in different ways. Stroking, cupping, squeezing, and even light pinching are actions that can arouse women in their vital parts of the body.

It is also a good idea to communicate with the woman about what position she is seeking. Women can be in different moods at different times. Hence, it is best to ask them what they are looking for on that particular occasion.

Correct time

Time does matter! A woman will have a much better orgasm if she is in a good mood, calm and stress free. One more thing to remember about sex is to avoid it when one partner has a full stomach or bladder.

Also, the right time to have intercourse depends on what phase of her menstrual period the woman is going through. There may be times when she just hates sex and there may be other times when she just can’t wait to get started.

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