Last month one of my readers needed a new

because. He asked the LORD. And the lord

answered and showed him this beautiful,

New SUV.

The only problem was: I had no money to

Buy it.

He asked me if I had prayer points for

let go of the car.

I gave him my jealously guarded recipe

(one that I personally used to attract

my new car and my new house).

Here it is:

1. Pray the prayer of a DOER in agreement

a Phil 4:13 (A friend just baptized him,

“The 6 little prayers that move mountains”)

2. Tell the Holy Spirit

– I really want this car

– but the money is not in me yet

Bank account

– How can I create value for OTHERS?

that I will be compensated and I can

buy this car?

3. Then the Holy Spirit

– take you out

– create value

– exchange that value for money

– exchange that money for the car

Quick result

– was able to create a useful product

– sell it and get the money to buy the



Everyone has benefited, he has his dream.

because; others are enjoying the product that he

created; and the amount of value in the

the world has grown for everyone, everything inside

4 weeks!

In one word

I just discovered the

“Secrets” of what is called

“Maker’s Prayer”.

This is such a powerful prayer that it has

locked up by veteran

prayer warriors through the centuries.

Among those inside, it is only discussed

in “silent” tones.

* It is a mysterious prayer that has been

known for turning the poor into millionaires

most of the night.

* Those who have received tutoring on how to apply

it is well reported that it has started

businesses almost out of nowhere and grown

them beyond their wildest dreams … in very

short order.

Please go over this little snippet carefully.

and let the Holy Spirit speak to you


This is how God wants his children

to create value in our world.

Apply these simple steps diligently and you will get

soon you will find yourself swimming in the ocean

of abundance.

You can find more information about this

and more in the latest version of

my popular e-book, “Prayer Cookbook for

Busy people. “Also, prayer points

and WHEN to pray them.

Get it here:

Be blessed!

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