Apple is still on top of the smartphone wars with its new iPhone 4S. You might be wondering why they call it the 4S instead of the iPhone 5. Well, maybe Steve Jobs was worried that they would run out of numbers when they released powerful devices in the future. However, the 4S is a formidable foe for Windows, BlackBerry and Android smartphones. Here are a couple of reasons why.

The A5 chip, or rather the A5 super chip, is the best thing that has ever happened to smartphones. It’s a dual-core processor that gives you speed, power and efficiency that has never been achieved in any smartphone before, at least not at this level.

Everything about the 4S is perfect (until of course another better iPhone comes out), including performance, camera, 1080 HD video and Siri Intelligence, you want nothing less.

You can literally feel the difference with the 4S, right down to the touch. What he likes about the product is that the touchscreen’s sensitivity and response is unlike any other version he’s come across in the past. Pleasant and precise, I find the ideal responsiveness, especially when playing games or writing messages on the screen. You hate those moments when you die or lose control of the games you play on smartphones due to the inaccuracy of touch screens.

You also fall in love with the camera. You’ll forget you’re actually holding a PHONE and not a standalone digital camera when you use the 4S camera. Only 8 megapixels should ring a bell and you know this camera is no joke. Designed with new optics that are very professional, especially with lighting, you get the chance to take high-quality photos and pretend to be a professional with the kind of results you get. The f/2.4 aperture lets in more light, giving you sharper, brighter images.

Steve Jobs really put a lot of focus on the iPhone camera, because the A5 chip’s image signal processor gives you the freedom to explore the focus, depth, and exposure of your shot. Interestingly, the same feature is found in high-quality DSLR cameras. The Image Signal Processor allows iPhone 4S to take photos faster without losing the quality of the images you get. You don’t even have to worry about storage even if you love taking hundreds of photos because iCloud is available.

Remote storage and file management is now available through Apple iCloud. Here, you can store all music, photos, documents, apps and even do a photo stream. The feature allows 4S users to connect to iCloud, a remote and secure place where they can store their data. This feature is exclusively for Apple users.

In general, the iPhone 4S is more than just expanded memory. Everything about the 4S is speed, efficiency, and convenience. The powerful A5 chip makes all this possible. Above all, you will love the new camera.

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