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Kitchen Design – Trends in Kitchen Furniture

Aside from the flow and functionality of kitchen design, the right kitchen cabinets are the most important part of the process. In fact, they are essential to having a beautiful functional kitchen.

Although important, there is more to consider than the color and wood you want. Storage methods and space, as well as hardware, are important decisions, and today there are more options than ever to make your space organized and beautiful at the same time. These are some of the options when choosing cabinets for your kitchen design:

1. Custom or Stock: If you have an unusual kitchen layout or just have very specific ideas about what you want, custom cabinetry is probably a better fit for your needs. Of course, this route is more expensive, but at least you know that you can get what you want.

However, even the stock pre-built versions now come with many little extras as standard practice. You can walk into a home improvement store and find a variety of options that have much more to offer than ever before.

2. Woods and finishes: If you opt for custom cabinets, your wood options are greater. Here are some of the common woods used: oak, cherry, maple, hickory, and mahogany. If you are environmentally minded, bamboo is now being used in kitchen cabinets.

Also used on hardwood floors, it is a sustainable resource. As for the finishes, you can choose between painted or stained and covered with a glaze or not.

3. Doors – You can add some personality to your kitchen design by opting for cabinets without doors or using glass, either clear or frosted. If you do this, you want to mix it up and do it with only selected areas. You’ll also want to make sure the result is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and not a jumble of plates and glasses.

4. Drawers or shelves: Today you can do many things with drawers and shelves. For added convenience in hard-to-reach spaces, you can choose to have some pull-out or pull-out shelves. You can also make a space more organized with vertical shelves.

These are great for storing baking sheets, racks, and other tall, skinny items that you’d normally stack and hope wouldn’t topple over. Drawers are also showing up in unusual places. Just when you think it’s a closet, you open the door and find drawers. This is a great way to use space more efficiently, as well as make pots and pans easier to reach.

5. Special storage: There are also special storage options that also add to the decoration of the kitchen. Even in the stock ones, you can find spaces like built-in wine racks or shelves to display dishes. There are roll top cubbyholes that can be used for countertop storage and hide it at the same time. Special sliding spice racks and bin drawers are also popular.

6. Surprise! Another trend is to hide appliances. This is where a custom order would have to be placed, but many people are building false fronts to allow their dishwashers and refrigerators to hide. It looks like a pantry, but it’s actually the fridge!

So, as you can see, there are many things you can do to make your kitchen design functional but also a room you want to be in. Really think about your style and how you use the kitchen before placing your order.


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