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Metaphysical Secrets for Success – Your soul whispers your life’s purpose in silence and meditation

“I can’t meditate.” I used to say this and I have heard many others say it too. However, we don’t realize that we meditate all the time, but often in the wrong state. And it is so important to meditate in the right state because your soul whispers the purpose of your life in silence and meditation…

Meditate in the Correct State

We meditate every time we watch TV and suddenly we go into a trance and suddenly, we can’t remember what we were watching or what we were thinking at the time. The unfortunate part of falling into the gap while watching TV is that we are being programmed by advertisers who want to convince you to buy their latest product.

The same method can be achieved when we use systems like the Silva Method or Paraliminals that help you slip into the gap (a state of pure consciousness) and hear the voice of your Soul more clearly. In this state, the state of pure consciousness, you will find yourself able to access the omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence that dwells within you, the place some of us call the Presence or the Presence of God.

Now many of us may say that they don’t know how to meditate and this is not true. We know how to meditate, but we have difficulty because the ego is not willing to let go and let God. To let go and let God, the ego cannot be in the driver’s seat. As long as we are in an ego-dominated state, we are unable to slip into that silent gap between thoughts.

It is in these moments of silence that our souls speak to us and reveal inspired actions or correct actions that we can take to fulfill and manifest our Life’s Purpose. In these moments, we can see the vision of who we really are and feel the power of our true and authentic selves.

Meditation and silence on purpose

We can be on purpose when we allow ourselves to meditate. Silencing and clearing the mind of daily debris leaves us room to use our mental energies to co-create with our loving and abundant universe.

Many people have a strong desire to live on purpose, but to gain the power to reveal and live our life’s purpose, we must purposefully embrace meditation and silence. We must be deliberate about meditation. In other words, we must make sure that we take time throughout the day to meditate and communicate with our soul in silence.

In fact, there is an ancient Egyptian proverb that says: “Exuberance is a good stimulus for action, but inner light grows in silence and concentration.”

This maxim from the Luxor Temple teaches us that our exuberance that is built with the development of the powers of our mind is good, but if we want to experience growth in the path of enlightenment, this growth happens when we practice silence and meditation. Also, we know that as we grow in consciousness on the path of enlightenment, we can fulfill our Life Purpose. Friends, we must learn to be quiet. We must learn to be silent and listen to the Voice of our Soul. We must understand that the spirit is always “ready” (because the spirit has volition), in other words, something is always manifesting through us. And since something always manifests through us, shouldn’t it be something we really want?

No matter how we feel some days, it is true that we really do have a purpose for being here. Yes, our Soul Purpose is growth and expansion, but for this life that we are living now, there is also a life purpose. There is a life purpose for every bit of energy you have in your body right now. There is a life purpose for every bit of creative energy ready to flow through you from your spirit. There is a purpose for all the mental energy that you have right now in your mind that is ready to manifest in your reality as some “thing”.

However, it is in silence and meditation that we slip into the gap of pure awareness and access this energy that lies in the field of infinite possibility. The greatest gift that we can offer ourselves throughout the day are moments of silence and meditation on purpose. Because it is during these moments that the well-being and loving-kindness of the universe flows to us and through us.

Until next time, be silent and meditate as the Voice of your Soul reveals your true self and always remember “Let the Creative Spirit move you”.


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