Are you one of those poor guys who has to be in a marriage, saying my wife screams all the time, what the hell do I do?

Well, if so, then you certainly have a problem on your hands.

But you also have a great opportunity to turn your wife’s passion and screaming into something more beneficial for you.

Why do you have problems and have to say that my wife screams all the time

First of all, let me tell you that there is likely to be a great deal of disrespect in your marriage. Your wife yells all the time because she feels that she is in control of the marriage and that every time she yells, you will fall in line and do what she wants.

Why does she think this?

Well, because every time she yells you obey so you don’t have to deal with her yelling anymore. All people act this way. Men who yell at their wives do so for the same reason. Children who yell at their parents do so for the same reason. Works.

It is very similar to the cry of a baby. If your baby cries every time you put him to bed, and every time he cries you go in and out, eventually he begins to understand that he hears… if I do THIS, then THAT happens. Your baby then has YOU conditioned.

Your wife screams because when she does, you respond. And as long as you keep responding, she’ll keep screaming.

Why else is he saying that my wife screams all the time?

Now there is also another reason why your wife feels good yelling at you. The fact is that if you say that my wife yells all the time, that means that your wife feels that she is in control of the relationship. It means that she doesn’t see you as the KING of your castle. That’s a problem for several reasons.

First of all, if your wife doesn’t see you as the king of the castle, then yes, she feels fine talking to you like trash, ruling your life, and of course yelling at you all the time.

Second, if she doesn’t see you as the alpha male in the house, then she’s not attracted to you…or at least not as much as she could…or should be.

Third… your wife instinctively, down to her DNA wants and needs a man who is the “man of the house”, “king of the castle”, “alpha male” whatever you want to call it. She’s yelling all the time because she’s frustrated that you’re not, whether she realizes that’s the reason or not. And if she doesn’t see you as that man she instinctively yearns for, then she’ll probably go out and find him somewhere else.

Fourth, once she sees you as the man she longs for, that passion she lets out as she screams will turn into a sexual attraction that she CANNOT actually contain because she will actually be attracted to you in a way she hasn’t before. a long time. time… to the core.

If you say my wife screams all the time, it’s because you haven’t established yourself as the alpha male yet.

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