If you have young children and have been looking for quality video games that they can play, consider the Nintendo Wii Carnival.

It’s a simple game that they can actually play.

All the fun and excitement of your favorite Carnival Games.

It’s the perfect multiplayer game for moms, dads, kids, friends and family of all ages.

There’s the classic Alley Ball, Test of Strength, the famous Milk Bottle Throw, or getting wet in the Dunk Tank. The Wii Remote transforms from a mallet to a frog launcher. Master all the classic carnival games and the ultimate prize could be yours: the virtual goldfish in a bag!

Over 20 games for the whole family including: Frog Leap, Clown Splash, Ring Toss, Dunk Tank, Day at the Races, Lucky Cups, Hoops, Shooting Gallery, Hole-in-One, Nerves of Steel and even The Great Swami! , the mysterious fortune teller Advanced game physics combined with innovative Wii controller actions.

Win over 250 virtual carnival prizes like gold fish, pirate swords, and giant stuffed animals! Have fun customizing your characters in-game with wearable rewards like the famous Viking horns and “Bling” necklace. Game images. Prizes are earned in single player mode only.

Even if you can’t master the game and get the big prize, that’s okay. Win three small prizes and any additional prizes you win can be converted into a medium prize. The same applies to additional medium prizes won that become a large prize.

Get all the prizes and a more difficult version of the game will appear, which is optional to play.

Win tickets (in single player mode) for the Grand Swami to tell your fortune or some other games.

I bought this game for myself and my kids in January 2008. I ended up sharing it with a few friends and their son who also enjoyed playing it. This is a great game for younger children to play as the games are simple. My son, who will soon be six years old, enjoys playing Carnival.

I was very pleased to see Parents magazine appear just in time for Christmas 2007. This is a fun game that will leave lasting memories for your family.

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