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Poker tricks for Facebook

Have you ever found a Facebook Poker hack that really works? Playing poker on Facebook is very entertaining and a very exciting game. It gets more exciting because all the players are live and online. But just like any other game, there should be a winner, and if you continue to lose poker chips, you are probably looking for some alternatives. This is one of the reasons why there are hundreds of people around the world requesting, searching and searching for Facebook poker tricks.

But the question is, are these methods reliable and trustworthy? Lately it has been tracked that an application program worked for a while, but the master of the game has already fixed it. But despite that, hundreds of people never stop searching for new information or a step-by-step on how to increase poker chips for Facebook. What’s the truth about Facebook poker cheats and hacks? All the apps and information that claim to help you increase your poker chips for free … don’t be silly, they are all scams! They are all made by hackers and phishers with the intention of stealing your chips.

To help you avoid this and give you a better idea, I will reveal some useful methods that hackers often use. This serves as a bait especially for new users.

* Don’t be silly if they ask you to send your username and password to a special email address to help you automatically receive free poker chips in your poker account.

* Another method is the phishing scam. This method is very popular and very effective in stealing a Facebook account. They usually post a link to a website that claims to double or triple their poker chips. Like anyone else, the system will ask you to log in with your username and password to verify your account and go online. Another phishing method will ask you to wait 24 hours before the system activates on your Facebook poker. After waiting 24 hours. It’s too late for you to find out that your Facebook poker chips are completely depleted.

* YouTube offers a lot of information on how to increase your poker chips on your Facebook account.

* There are other cases that lead to the Facebook account being banned.

* Almost all methods have the same bait. They all claim that they have figured out how to increase poker chips for Facebook and promise to help you if you send them an email and start their interest.

Final warning! Like anyone else, I know you won’t stop looking for methods or apps that work. All I can say is be very careful when adapting programs or methods that claim to be the legitimate ones.


Hey … “send me your Facebook login details and I’ll ‘guarantee’ that your tokens will make a big difference the next time you log in”: D



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