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Smartphone Skins: HTC Skins and GPS Skins by XO Skins

The insatiable need for the latest gadget

Many of you reading this are like me; you have to get your hands on the latest and greatest gadgets. Amazed by the latest technology, features and human achievements designed to spark your imagination. Many of these new devices are designed to entertain, make our lives easier, or both. People anxiously wait in lines outside stores, sometimes overnight, to get the latest gadgets, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on their shiny new device. Subsequently, an entire industry of accessories has been born to protect these devices. Cases, bags, covers, screen protectors, protectors, shields and armor developed to prevent your expensive new toys from exposing the scars of daily life’s abuse.

Scratches are one of my biggest fears when buying a new device. My latest toy, the HTC Google Nexus One, is my shiny new companion and every day I discover the amazing things this phone can do. The first thing I did after ordering it was order a full body and screen protector from XO Skins. With clean hands and a bit of focus, this clear shield went on fairly easily and is nearly invisible. I’ve owned many gadgets over the years and have suffered with bulky, flimsy cases that detract from the beauty of my newest toy. This is no longer the case and XO Skins now has a fan for life. To my horror, just 2 days after installing the clear cover, I dropped my phone and it slid across my driveway. I hurriedly picked up my phone fearing the worst and brushed the sand off it. There were no marks, nothing! He couldn’t even tell that he had dropped it!

So here I am writing the story of the Nexus One that could, the XO Skins protecting and shielding it from harm, and the bumbling geek who can’t hold on to their expensive toys. If you’re anything like me, your phone is like a digital leash, an endless supply of information at your fingertips, connecting you at the speed of light to friends and information a world away. If you had told someone that you could have a connection to all human knowledge in the palm of your hand a hundred years ago, they would have burned you at the stake. We truly live in a remarkable age with seemingly infinite potential. Maybe that explains our tireless search to have the best device that connects us in a millisecond faster than our old device.

Getting the Nexus One wasn’t as difficult as some of my previous devices. I didn’t have to camp out in front of a store, braving the elements, I ordered it from the comfort of my own home and received it the next day on my doorstep. Now how is that awesome? Thanks Google. While I miss the collective buzz of anticipation you expect in front of a store, it was nice as an early adopter, not having to. Who knows, maybe one day Google will have a physical store and those who want to camp on concrete will get their chance. Either way, with or without the sacrifice and struggle of getting my phone from Google, I still have a desire to take care of it, and my XO Skins have done just that.

Checking out their site at http://xoskins.com, you’ll see a YouTube video to the left where they beat up an iPhone that’s half protected with its screen protector and the other half bare. As you can imagine, the bare side is destroyed and unusable. They then peeled back the left side that was covered by XO Skin and revealed a brand new iPhone screen, completely free of scratches. On the right hand side, next to the video, you will see a flash banner with testimonials from industry experts illustrating the strength and clarity of these skins. See for yourself, they are not just limited to cell phone cases and screen protectors. They cover cell phones, smartphones, laptops, iPads, GPS devices, MP3 and media players, and gaming devices like the PSP and Nintendo DSI. I chose to keep my phone scratch-free, will you?


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