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Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms in London

Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms

With almost 40 higher education institutions and a thriving cultural scene, the UK’s capital is one of the world’s most popular student cities. It’s also home to some of the best student accommodation in Europe, including our stunning range of studios and shared flats. Each of our properties are carefully selected to meet our high standards and provide the best student experience possible. And, of course, each offers great access to the city’s iconic landmarks.

student accommodation london range from standard en suite rooms to large, self-contained studio apartments, so you can find the right type of accommodation for your budget and lifestyle. Regardless of the type of room you choose, every property comes with wi-fi, bills included and 24/7 security, as well as plenty of communal space for meeting new people and socialising with friends.

An en suite bathroom is a personal bathroom that’s linked to your bedroom. It typically has a shower, sink and toilet, although larger rooms may include a bath too. Your en suite is only accessible from your bedroom, so it’s your own private space to wash, shower and relax in. If you’re staying in shared student accommodation, your ensuite will be shared with housemates, so you’ll use the shared bathroom facilities alongside them too.

Student Accommodation with Ensuite Bathrooms in London

The Vega is situated on the edge of Vauxhall’s buzzing Miles Street, so you’ll be close to some of London’s most exciting things to do. It’s a hotbed of creative culture, with slick restaurants and fashion and interior stores nearby too. You’ll also be just around the corner from Old Street station and within walking distance of the City University of London, CASS Business School and the University of Law.

At Scape Canada Water, you’ll be living in a brand-new building, designed with students in mind. You’ll have your own private room, complete with a comfortable bed, study desk and storage space, as well as a fitted kitchenette. You’ll also have the use of a common area and on-site gym, so you can enjoy all that student life has to offer in this fantastic central location.

London, the vibrant and diverse capital city of the United Kingdom, is renowned for its prestigious educational institutions and attracts students from around the world. For students pursuing their studies in London, having access to suitable and convenient accommodation is crucial for their academic success. One key aspect of student accommodation that can greatly enhance the learning experience is the availability of accessible study rooms. In this article, we will explore the importance and benefits of student accommodation with accessible study rooms in London.

Intergenerational accommodation models, where older individuals or retirees reside alongside students, can offer unique benefits to both groups. Accommodation providers can explore the integration of intergenerational living options within student accommodation to foster mentorship, companionship, and mutual support. The intergenerational exchange of knowledge and experiences can enrich students’ lives and create a sense of community that spans across different age groups.

Studying in a comfortable and conducive environment is essential for students to focus, concentrate, and excel in their academic pursuits. However, not all students have access to ideal study spaces within their own accommodation. This is where the provision of accessible study rooms in student accommodation plays a vital role. Accessible study rooms are designed to cater to the needs of students with disabilities or specific requirements, ensuring that they have equal opportunities to engage in productive studying.

If you’re looking for London student accommodation with an en suite bathroom in London, look no further than Scape Canada Water. With its superb location, just a two-minute walk from the main UCL campus and less than a tube stop from the heart of the city centre, it’s perfect for combining your academic studies with a fun-filled student lifestyle. There are plenty of bars, cafés and shops right on your doorstep, as well as some of the city’s most prestigious music venues and theatres. Plus, it’s only a short walk from the trendy Shoreditch area too, where you can find even more places to eat and drink.


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