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Top 5 Free Payroll Software

Most business owners can track their employees’ time and pay by using free payroll software. Cutting additional expenses and providing customizable data fields, this excellent tool even offers support to troubleshoot product usage issues.

The top 5 free payroll software are listed below:

#1: Nola Pro v4.0.

This free business management and accounting suite is web-based and provides a complete service including inventory tracking and order entry. NolaPro also includes plugins for business-to-business web portals, POS, and an eCommerce shopping cart. Menu screens, colors, and icon sets can be customized, and the interface is flexible to suit your business needs. Different companies may have multiple sets of books and the data is not restricted. Security is at a high security level to provide permissions to users who can access the software. There are no banner ads, no license restrictions and no ads, this software is fully functional for free to use.

#2: Journeyx Timesheet.

By focusing on the decision-making process, Journyx provides an interface that allows people to enter project time and expense information from any location that accesses the Web. Journyx information is transferred to existing HR systems. Journyx tracks employee time for projects, rates, and expenses and makes the process of collecting this information easy and seamless.

#3: Trex Time.

This web-based time management suite provides time and attendance, billing, as well as accounts receivable and other important features. Employees can track their time by cell phone and barcode scanner from anywhere they are. Calculating overtime, as well as other business policies and costs, allows an employer to identify labor costs by specific employee, department, quantities produced, branch, and type of task. TimeTrex even calculates tax withholding, prints paychecks, provides electronic paystubs, and can direct deposit an employee’s pay.

#4: actiTIME Basic.

Administration and billing have never been easier for small and medium-sized businesses. actiTIME is a web-based time tracker that helps streamline meticulous daily time management tasks. This free program tracks projects on a client and employee basis, multiple employees can be granted access with various levels of security, tracks overtime and billable and non-billable tasks to transfer to QuickBooks. Support is available for this product free of charge.

#5: Asman Accounting.

This accounting system provides a double-entry general journal for all business tracking. Financial analysis for any business is important, and this program includes line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and 3D bar charts to help compare employee productivity and trends. Show trends in monthly, daily, bi-monthly, weekly, quarterly, yearly, and semi-annual settings as well. This program is fully customizable and offers accounting options and more.


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