This friend of mine is very fond of beans, like lima, chickpeas, black beans, refried beans (organic of course), etc., and keeps wondering when on the candida diet he can eat them again. He also throws other questions at me. He wants to know if the lentil is a bean and can be eaten on this diet. So what about organic blue corn chips? He found organic sweet potato chips, so he asked me if he could eat them.

You lead a very busy life and you need snacks of some kind. That’s fine if it has to be raw vegetable bits, but he’s going through some serious withdrawals here. However, he will kick this despite the cravings.

They tell you that corn and sweet potatoes are on the list of foods in moderation. He really wants to kick these things, so he’ll avoid even the “eat in moderation” stuff until he knows he’s safe. There are many conflicting sources regarding this. Generally speaking, I think the main question is: when is a good time to reintroduce them into the diet?

Well, you can reintroduce those things after a few moments of the strict diet. It really depends on one’s personal body to tolerate some foods, but I think corn is a never. However, dry beans are another story. I eat Wendy’s Chili all the time and the beans in it don’t give me cravings or any problems. Well, maybe you’ll experience some reasonable moderate gas.

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