First of all, it must be recognized that seeking legal advice is not a legal responsibility when it comes to probate.

There is nothing to prevent a member of the public without legal training or experience from applying for the grant of probate or the grant of letters of administration. In fact, experience has been that most non-legal persons have dealt with these matters satisfactorily.

However, there are times when good probate legal advice is needed. Then it’s time to arrange a meeting with probate lawyers.

The reasons for seeking such advice are numerous. For example, executors may not have the time necessary to perform their duties. Or they may not want to perform the duties of an executor: With the duties of an executor come significant responsibilities, and doing something wrong could lead to you being sued by a beneficiary. The tax must be paid. Debts must be paid and assets collected promptly. Things get even more complicated when it comes to property abroad, which is becoming more and more common. The terms of the will could be in dispute (these cases are more common than you might think) or there could be other legal issues involved.

Other reasons why legal advice may be needed could be that the executor does not feel capable or does not have the confidence to complete the necessary forms. Some people find filling out forms daunting. The estate may be subject to inheritance tax or alternatively you could be bankrupt.

Whether it is the value of the estate, red tape, or the executors’ willingness to undertake the task, there are many reasons why the services of a probate attorney may be retained.

There are several reasons why it is advantageous for executors to retain probate attorneys to administer the estate. Executors have many responsibilities: they must visit the probate registry and take an oath. They must also complete the application form – PA1. This is a very complex form and the prospect of completing it is both time consuming and daunting. However, if a probate lawyer is retained, it is not necessary to go to the probate register or complete the PA1 form. Therefore, by seeking probate legal advice and hiring an attorney, executors will save a lot of time and effort.

By using probate lawyers, you will be assured that the matter is being handled appropriately and professionally. The lawyer will have a professional knowledge of probate. Anyone dealing with probate, which they have every right to do, will find it time consuming at best, and be plagued with problems at worst. Probate legal advice will relieve you of those worries.

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