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Body moles that are disgusting: how to remove them

Do you have an unsightly mole on your body that would be better off without it? Body moles can affect our self-confidence, leaving us wondering if we will ever take off our shirt or anything else without attracting attention. Even moles on the arms or legs can cause us quite a bit of ‘psychological discomfort’. While you may hear of various ways to remove moles, which is really the best for you?

The truth is, there is no “best way,” per se, because each and every mole is created unevenly. They can have different physical traits, as well as a variation in texture and sensation. The best way to remove moles will also depend on their location on the body.

Let’s explore the most popular methods to remove skin moles:

First, there is the surgery. The typical surgical procedure involves removing the mole, known as “excision.” Sometimes this is combined with cauterization or burning of the cells. Other times, the tissue is cut from the surrounding normal skin and the procedure ends with stitches.

Second, there is the freezing option. This is where a doctor will make use of liquid nitrogen (stored at a temperature of -320 degrees Celsius) and apply it to the moles on the body via a swab or by spraying directly. If the mole is raised or deep, the mole can be scraped or shaved to reach the deeper parts of the mole’s cells.

The third is laser removal. The cells of the moles are broken up using laser technology and it works very well for moles that are not too deep into the skin. This can sometimes require multiple treatments, however it works best with body moles that are based on the skin surface.

Each of these clinical procedures requires a 2-3 week healing process. The affected area should be closely monitored, applying antibiotics regularly. A doctor will give you specific instructions on what to do, and following the instructions will minimize the final result of scarring.

The truth is, no one wants to pay an expensive medical bill, especially when there is a risk of scarring. These procedures range from $125 to $400. It is important that you understand this before committing to the above treatments.


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