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What Makes a Great Press Release?

Great Press Release

When preparing a press release, it is vital to use a powerful headline. The headline should be interesting and catchy, and it should contain the primary keyword or key phrase that you want to be known for. Remember that eight out of ten people read the headline but only two will read the entire piece, so you have only eight seconds to make an impression on readers. Also, remember that the character limit on Google has increased to seventy-one characters, so you must keep your headline concise, but include your main keyword. You can also use subheads to provide more information about the release.

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A good press release includes a headline that tells the reader how the business can benefit from the event. It should contain quotes and information from the business that can be shared by media. In addition, the headline should include a call to action, and it should mention the name of the event or product being promoted. The press release should include a brief description of what will happen. If the company is undergoing a rebranding process, it should also include ten or more images to show how the new brand identity will look like. The reason for the rebranding will be the same as for the new logo.

What Makes a Great Press Release?

When writing a press release, be sure to use natural language. Journalists are looking for quotes and natural language, so be sure to read your press release out loud. You should also stick to the storytelling principle of “show, don’t tell,” and incorporate multimedia elements into your press release. This will provide the readers with additional information, clarify a point, and provide a visual reference. It is important to keep the press release short and sweet to make it more effective.

In the press release, it is important to highlight the main executive of the company. It is important to provide the journalist with background information, so they can understand the overall context. If you have a newsworthy event, be sure to mention that in the press release. This will help make the release more interesting and less promotional. Providing a compelling lead is essential for a press release to be read. When writing a press-release, keep these things in mind.

If you’re writing a press release for a small business, it’s important to focus on the story. The audience should be able to relate to the company’s executive. If a business owner is talking about an employee, a press release should feature the company’s chief executive. It’s best to quote an employee who has an experience with the product or service in question. This way, the media will be more likely to trust the product or service.


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