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3 Exercise Tips To Boost Your Metabolism And Get A Body Melt Down Faster Than Ever!

One of the biggest challenges most people face when trying to increase their metabolism and burn fat is seeing results fast enough to stick with the program.

Most of us know that we will need to make changes in nutrition and exercise to see results. We know there is some work involved. But it gets frustrating when you push yourself and don’t see the results you expect.

The best way to keep your motivation levels high so you can stick with your exercise program long term is to see fat burning results fast!

Here are 3 awesome exercise tips that will boost your metabolism and melt away body fat faster than ever!

1. Move your body (in the right way)!

Most people start their fat burning journey with the typical “fat burning exercises”. That is, they start with some form of aerobics, like the stationary bike or the treadmill. While it’s great that they’re doing SOMETHING, these aren’t the best options for fat-burning exercises, especially the way most people use them.

Instead of riding a stationary bike like a hamster in a wheel, try incorporating exercises that move your whole body (or multiple exercises that do the job).

Exercises to burn fat like:

  • burping
  • body weight squats
  • spiderman push ups
  • mountaineers
  • sprints

2. Try multiple workouts

What are multi-workouts? Instead of completing one longer workout of 45 minutes to an hour (or more), try doing multiple workouts throughout the day that are only 10 to 15 minutes long.

It may be easier to fit short workouts into your schedule, and you’ll also boost your metabolism and burn more calories by exercising multiple times a day, even if your total workout time is the same (i.e., three 20-minute workouts versus one 60-minute workout). ). minute of training).

3. Improve the quality of your workouts

Try to be progressive with your workouts instead of always doing the same thing. If you don’t improve, your results won’t either.

I’ll give you two quick examples, one with typical cardio and one with weights.

If you ride the stationary bike for an hour and go 12.1 miles each time, you’ll eventually hit a fat loss plateau and have to do something else.

If you can bench press 100 pounds for 8 reps and never improve on that, you won’t get any more results either.

While you can’t improve every workout indefinitely, you should strive to be progressive with your workouts in order to burn fat and improve over time. You won’t see the fat burning results you want if you always work well within your current capabilities.


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