Bathroom remodeling provides an opportunity to go for a whole new look. For some, a bathroom remodel is a time for an unusual look, something unique.

Bathroom remodeling with stone and other natural materials can give you that unique look. It can give you the feeling of being in a natural retreat, away from the busy city life.

achieving the look

Begin your bathroom remodeling project by designing or finding a design of the finished product. What do you want the bathroom to look like when you’re done?

For example, suppose you want a quiet, relaxing hideaway. What elements will achieve that look? What tasks will your bathroom remodeling project include?

1. Walls: Picture of fabric wallpaper in shades of green and tan. Grasscloth wallpaper is made of natural grasses and the green tones are not bright. Woven wallpaper has a horizontal line and will set the mood for your bathroom remodeling project with rock and natural materials.

2. Floor: A real or faux slate or marble floor will fit your theme and be easy to clean. Use natural grass or hemp mats.

3. Sink: Buy a rock sink. These sinks are carved out of river rocks and hollowed out with a polished cavity. They have a standard drain hole. Deep or shallow – choose a rock sink to enhance your bathroom remodel.

4. Vanity: Continue your bathroom remodel with rock and natural materials by choosing a bamboo vanity on which to place your rock sink. These vanities come in various sizes and will carry the outdoor theme well. Hang a bamboo mirror/cabinet above the dresser.

5. Faucets – Bamboo shaped faucets will complement your sink well. The kind that has an open top at the end of the faucets will look like they came straight from an oriental garden to your bathroom remodeling project.

6. Bathtub: Yes, you can get a “pebble bathtub” for your natural bath. You could probably find a standard bathtub with a marble-like finish, but an actual rock would be natural. This requires a large bathroom and will look cramped in a small space. Add bamboo faucets to match the ones on the sink. Caution: Make sure your floor will hold the weight before ordering a rock tub.

7. Toilet: You might not be able to get that far with your bathroom remodel project with rock, but you can camouflage the toilet to fit your theme. A dark green or black toilet would go well.

8. Shower Curtain: Hemp is a perfect, natural material for shower curtains. It is durable and water resistant, as evidenced by its use over centuries for canvas sails on ships. Hemp is also said to be naturally antifungal and antibacterial. Macrame curtain rings are a nice touch.

9. Lights and Fixtures: Complete your bathroom remodel with rock and natural materials by adding natural lights and fixtures. Recessed lights are good, as they will give the appearance of daylight without being visible. If you want makeup lighting around the mirror, look for shaded bulbs and use shades that match your grass cloth wallpaper. Towel bars and other small accessories can continue the bamboo theme. Add a potted plant in a natural clay pot.

Some have used stone veneer in their bathroom remodel. It can be applied to one wall or from the floor up to approximately 3 feet on all walls.

Nice if space allows

Small indoor wall fountains add a calm atmosphere to any room. If your bathroom remodel allows for it, this would be a nice addition.

A tabletop bamboo water fountain would look pretty next to your rock sink. The water gushing from the bamboo sticks would be a soothing sound any time of the day.

helpful tip

Remodeling bathrooms with stone and other natural materials is becoming more and more popular. With imagination, you can find things in your own backyard that will add to the look. You can also buy old, natural baskets for storing towels and handkerchiefs at flea markets and thrift stores.

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