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Bathroom remodeling: how to install a standing shower cabin

Getting a successful installation when it comes to a shower enclosure is not as difficult as you think. Given your ability to follow instructions and a reasonable amount of building knowledge, it can be very rewarding in the end. With quality renovation professionals becoming more and more illusory and investment sometimes exceeding the budgeted amount, DIY is on the rise.

First you will need to temporarily turn off the water supply to the shower unit, don’t worry, once the pipe is clogged you can turn it back on. Now remove the shower stall as it is now. Depending on whether or not you have a fiberglass unit, cast iron tub, or existing tile stall, your method of demonstration will be different.

Now that the demo is complete, determine where you want your new shower valves and fixtures to go, and do it now. Most of the time, when a tub has been removed, you will need to install the drain in the center of the opening of your new stall. Also common today are shower niches or soap dishes, the placement and framing of these along with any kind of “knee or pony wall”. “it’s done now too,

The previous slope of the slab will now be installed with a moldable clay material. Marking on the slab or subfloor the final depth of the new shower stall will give you a stopping point for your previous slope. Next, install the shower pan liner by connecting it to the drain and placing it on the wall above your seat height or about 20 inches. Next, form your curb that the shower door will sit on at a desirable height, usually 5 inches, with a 2×6 by pulling the tray up between the framing boards and pouring it on each side with concrete encapsulating the tray. .

Installation of either duroc material or a concrete based backer plate and mesh tape at joints will now take place. Once this is done, use a waterproof paint or membrane and cover the entire shower stall except for the floor. When dry packing the floor over the shower pan, it is very important to maintain at least 1/4 inch for every 3 feet of drop to the drain, this will ensure the water drains properly.

After completing this step, you are now ready to begin the installation of the shower floor tile material. Once it is dry, you can begin the installation of the wall tiles. Once the tile installation is complete, you will need to clean all tile and grout lines before grouting can begin.

Finally, install your new shower fixtures and shower door to start reaping the benefits of your hard work.


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