Before you start tearing down walls in an effort to remodel your home, consider making a few minor changes that will have a big impact. For example, repainting the room can brighten it up a bit. Or just swap out the cabinet hardware and go from vintage to simply modern in no time.
Buttons and sweaters come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to suit everyone’s taste. From lion heads to starfish, crystal balls and wooden squares, you’ll find just what you need to complete your room in style. Instead of dragging yourself to every hardware or home supply store in town only to be disappointed with your selection of cabinet hardware, you should try shopping online. You can browse the best selection and the best prices from the comfort of your home.

Renovate your bathroom with a marine theme? So why not try the seashell knobs and seahorse pulls? Does your child love dinosaurs? Next, he tries out some candy-colored gummy dinosaur knobs on the vanity for a fun and eye-catching piece. Do you have a home theater? Then top it off with knobs and pulls in the shapes of film canisters, film reels, movie tickets and more for a fun, kitsch look. Add some nostalgic warmth to your kitchen with oil-rubbed bronze knobs, pulls or latches. Or update your kitchen with the ultra-modern look of European stainless steel cabinet, drawer and appliance bar pulls.

Whether you want to step back in time with chrome cup handles or step forward with simple modern appliance handles, you’ll find them all when you shop online. Add an earthy touch to any room with branch-shaped handles or granite-carved knobs in various shades. Complete your Victorian makeover with milky glass doorknobs and redo your farm fresh with porcelain and chrome pulls. Add bright, simple charm to any room with simple brass mushroom knobs and matching straight pulls.

No matter what kind of cabinet knobs and drawer pulls you’re looking for, you’ll be surprised how simply changing them can make your room feel brand new. So before you tear down those walls, why not try changing out your cabinet hardware first? Sometimes it is the smallest change that can have the biggest impact.

If you’ve already started remodeling your room, consider how complete the change will be when you install new cabinet door hardware and new drawer pulls or knobs. Start browsing the wide selection of cabinet hardware online today and find the right style to complete your dream room or simply update it for a modern or vintage feel. From brass to bronze and round to octagon, the many shapes and sizes of cabinet hardware will give you plenty of options to make your room represent your personal style. It has never been easier or more fun to add a touch of personality to your home.

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