Flipper Remote provides a whole new dimension in remote TV access with simple to understand controls. Holding the interest of the young and old, this unique device has been conceptualized. A comprehensive answer to accessing your television, cable and satellite DTV, the product eliminates the need to switch from one remote to another when watching your most beloved television shows.


In stark contrast to TV remote control devices that are universally seen at this time, the Flipper remote control does not have an n number of controls, which confuses owners like children and the elderly. They are built to have a minimum of buttons to access the television for easy use by children and adults. The perfectly defined and noticeable control buttons are designed specifically for this section of television audiences, but just used by everyone. For the general convenience of all users, the Flipper buttons have been made bold and large.

Distinctive feature

In this special television remote device, you can program up to thirty stations on one switch. And when the control button is launched, the channels are displayed on the screen so you can scroll and select your favorite station. By doing this, you can not only run a large number of TV channels that are broadcast by your service providers, but by sorting them under a common number, you could better remember the controls.

Additional capabilities

To prevent young children from accidentally or playfully reprogramming, there is an option to conveniently secure the program code. And to prevent children from unintentionally pressing the control keys, you also have the option of hiding the number buttons, leaving only the control buttons to raise and lower the number of channels and the volume level.

Easy setup

The new age television remote control device is compatible with all televisions, making it convenient to switch from your old remote control. The system can be easily configured using entry codes or automatic search configuration options. As soon as the remote system has been set up, the one-touch on / off switch turns on both the TV and the DTV decoder simultaneously.

Unique advertising offer

The Flipper is currently being offered at attractive prices as a limited-period special for $ 19.95. The offer is backed by a 30-day guarantee that allows you to get a full refund of the amount paid, in case you are not satisfied in any way with the product. Since the original fee is $ 30, this is an offer that you will certainly regret if you lose it now.

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