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NFL Visa Card Application

By now, you’ve probably seen the commercials for the NFL Visa credit card. Players like Tom Brady, linemen for the New England Patriots, and Visa.com promoting the NFL.

There are two key promotions going on right now regarding the NFL Visa Card and the NFL promotion using the visa.com logo.

The first promotion offered by the NFL Extra Points Platinum Plus┬« Visa┬« Card offers a $50 gift certificate valid at NFLshop.com after your first qualifying purchase, plus the opportunity to earn rewards and points toward merchandise for your Favorite NFL. equipment. The NFL Visa Credit Card is offered by Bank of America (formerly MBNA) and has a 0% introductory APR for the first full billing cycles on balance transfers and cash advances. Plus, there’s no annual fee and every dollar spent equals one reward point.

Whether you’re looking for a Pittsburgh Steelers Visa card or a Minnesota Vikings Visa card, you can choose your favorite team’s logo to put on your NFL Visa credit card when you apply for the NFL card. Not only can you display your favorite team’s logo on your credit card, but as you spend money on your NFL Visa card, you earn points. Redeemable for NFL merchandise, these points give you the opportunity to purchase your favorite team jerseys and other merchandise. This allows you to nearly double the NFL promotions since it’s a Visa card, which also includes you in the NFL Visa.com promotion, described in the next paragraph.

The second promotion that visa.com offers is a chance to win tickets to the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl or playoffs. No login is required, all you do is swipe your Visa card between September 1 and December 31, 2008 and you will automatically be entered. Every time you use your Visa card you will get one more entry to this promotion. If you use your Visa card to pay a bill, you’ll also get additional entry into the NFL Visa promotion.

Winners of the visa.com NFL promotion also have the opportunity to hang out with an NFL player during the game they win tickets to. The travel package also includes airfare, hotel stays and accommodations, and a $500 NFL-themed gift card.

If you choose to apply for the NFL Bonus Points Visa Credit Card and use your credit card to pay bills, buy gas, buy groceries and more, you have a chance to double down on NFL promotions, you can show up in a Playoff Game of the NFL, or even the Super Bowl with your team’s logo around your back, inside your wallet, and inside your home.


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