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Resume Review Time: Is Your Resume Too Vague?

If you have a vague and unspecific CV, then it might be time for a quick CV review, as they are fast becoming the bane of the work life for employers and recruiters.

Typically these CVs can be seen from a mile away; All the correct skills and achievements are included, but none of them go into any real detail. The CV contains few examples and there is a general feeling of emptiness throughout the document. It is as if the resume is full of words, but nothing is actually said.

Not the best way to impress a potential new employer.

A vague CV tells an employer that the applicant has poor communication skills, has something to hide, or is just plain lazy. Maybe all of the above.

Do your own CV review and be honest

Obviously, most job seekers don’t lie about their employment history or are too lazy to write a more detailed CV; they just can’t remember what the details are anymore. If you just can’t remember all the different roles you’ve played and the skills you’ve honed, then it’s really understandable.

After having a job for several years, if you’re suddenly looking for a new position and it’s time to update your old CV, it can be difficult. If you haven’t updated it for a while, it can be hard trying to remember all your accomplishments and accomplishments. You know you were very busy in your previous roles and you know you were doing a great job, it’s just that you can’t remember the exact details.

And as any recruiter will tell you, it’s the details that matter.

So you rewrite your CV without fleshing it out in any detail and it reads like a vague list of imaginary skills. It does not show personality, nor uniqueness and No retail.

So what can you do with a cool resume?

Well, particularly in today’s job market, a small proportion of smart people keep one step ahead at all times by updating their CVs every few months or so. They are conducting their own CV review. Just thirty minutes is all they need to review their recent projects, challenges and achievements and review and update their CVs accordingly.

There is no excuse, make time to do this and stick with it. You’ll feel much more confident about your skills and accomplishments, plus future employers won’t be put off by a dull, vague, and boring resume.


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