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Shaker styles and their rich history in decoration

Shakers lived in dormitory-style homes and celebrated God in a busy and active way by participating in tasks that brought out the best in themselves. The design details were classified as “American Rustic” and were unrivaled in craftsmanship.

Cabinet Features

Shakers use recessed panel doors with rails and studs, and the frame is smooth and flat. The lip and outer edges are also plain and the most common woods are cherry and maple for shaker cabinets. There are also vibrant colors that are common, and the woodwork is painted in these colors. They were:




Olive green

Blue shades

Not only are cabinets painted, but window frames, baseboards, peg rails, and beaded boards are often painted as well.

Shaker Cabinet Hardware and Accessories

Shaker craftsmen made their cabinets with pegs and pulls from wood usually, but they also sometimes used hand-forged and metal finishes. That style still works in shaker cabinets today, as long as you stick to the simplistic design. Owners can choose the type of attraction they want, but they will find more overall value by sticking to classic styles.

Complementing countertops

Anyone going for vibrating cabinets should stick with solid, square-edged countertops. Granite, limestone, soapstone, and slate are wonderful options to pair with the new shaker cabinets in any type of finish.

Choose the best surfaces

For the overall look of a shaker style kitchen, there are certain surfaces that lend themselves to the authenticity of the look that is desirable. Consider the following surfaces or finishes when implementing Shaker.

Walls – Walls can be finished or painted in any earthy color, and homeowners often choose off-white. In the old days, edged wainscoting was used along with pegs.

Ceilings: Ceilings were typically plaster and were also painted off-white.

Floors – Varnished wood or hardwood was common in flooring to match vibrating cabinets. Some also used stone. It is completely acceptable to include a woven rug over these hard surfaces to add warmth and comfort.

Accents: Fabric accents were common in shaker decor. They, like simple cabinet styles, came in simple patterns and colors. They dressed the interior plain with gingham plaid, window frames, or simple plaid patterns that were in one or more colors.

Modern or classic

Today’s shakers are used in traditional d├ęcor as mentioned above or they work well with modern items. There are no rules on how to implement them. Homeowners should never be afraid to think outside the box when choosing what to implement. A simple mixer cabinet painted white or black will give clean lines and allow for a stylish look. Many choose to implement stainless steel faucets, fixtures, and appliances as well.

For a farmhouse-style kitchen, shaker-style cabinets come in many wood finishes and can be adorned with porcelain pulls for a quaint appeal that makes any kitchen warm and inviting. Add some wallpaper to a wall for a pop of color and then match with kitchen towels, pots, and pans.

A quick search on the Internet will reveal a variety of ideas that one can consider. They will quickly discover that there are many styles that work with shaker cabinets and will have fun creating the kitchen of their dreams to show off to friends and family who adore them.


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