Have you recently discovered how easy it is to get a daily cardio workout while bouncing on a trampoline? Doctors and exercise experts have known for many years that the bouncing motion of the trampoline is as good for your body as it is fun for your spirit. If you’ve ever wondered how the modern full-size trampoline came to be, it’s always helpful to know a bit about the history and the inventor. The trampoline was officially invented by George Nissan in the 1930s, but there is anthropological evidence that humans were finding ways to bounce in the air long before traditional trampoline parts existed.
Studies have found that the Inuit (also known as Eskimos) were some of the first to use walrus skin stripes to launch people into the air during celebrations and ceremonies of passage rites. It is also rumored that there was a circus performer named Du Trampoline who was one of the first to show trapeze artists that they could strategically fall into the emergency net, and that the force of their fall would allow them to bounce back up. air again for one last flip or trick.
No one knows whether or not Du Trampoline actually existed, but we do know that the modern trampoline was created and patented by a man named George Nissan in the early 1930s. Nissan was inspired by the way the elasticity of the net helped trapeze artists, and thought he could put the correct parts of the trampoline together to form a device that would allow them to replicate this bounce over and over again. He devised a metal frame on which a canvas trampoline mat would stretch between many metal trampoline springs.
Although trampolines were an essential part of soldiers’ training during World War II, and have been recommended by doctors and exercise experts for many years as a low-impact way to lose weight and strengthen core muscles, it wasn’t until the In the year 2000, the Olympic Committee officially recognized trampoline jumping as a sport. It is also interesting to note that the bouncing action of the trampoline has also given rise to two other unofficial sports, Slamball and Bossaball. These sports are loosely based on basketball and volleyball, except they are played on the rebounding surface of a trampoline mat.

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