Cool gray decor is one of the most dominant interior decor color trends of this decade! Gray decor was long considered a boring, dark and dubious option. Grey’s tendency to cut off the effect of natural light and create a stark, lifeless look was more the result of incorrect decor combinations than anything else. But with the right application of gray, he can take full advantage of gray’s ability to make his home’s interior décor appear lively and inviting. Gray in combination with chic yellow or lime green and even pristine white are fresh decor combinations.

So let’s find out how you can harness the grandeur of gray to enhance your interior décor.

Experiment a bit and instead of using the traditional brown and beige kitchen designs, take a little detour and try gray with steel. Whether it’s gorgeous modular kitchen cabinets or an amazing tile backsplash, we’re sure you’ll never be bored with gray. Gray exudes luxury and sophistication and provides a solid color background for any bright or warm color, such as bright green or yellow. Gray is versatile when it comes to texture combinations, for example gray + steel and gray + wood are super bright combinations.

living room
Give your room an elegant look with the stunning contrast of light and dark stone grey. Add a touch of white and watch your entire room come to life. There’s nothing like the amazing subtlety of gray. Different shades of gray serve different purposes within the entire décor. Lighter shades of gray add an incredible sense of space to a room, providing a great background for brightly colored wall and room accessories. In contrast, textured dark gray provides a striking contrast and serves as a highlight to your room’s interior décor.

Not often considered the best option for a bedroom, gray in your bedroom can surprise you with its decorative flexibility. Put together a beautiful king-size wooden bed with an amazing gray stone effect wall, either using gray stone effect wallpaper or real stones with spotlights on them. See the whole room calm down with the grace of gray. Yes, gray has quite a calming effect and often provides ample scope to try out quirky decorating ideas, be it DIYs or chic décor themes.

kids room
What? Dull gray in a child’s room? Do not say no! Gray can be a playful palette for bright decorative elements. Use gray as a base and combine it with lime green and turquoise blue to make these colors stand out as bright and vibrant, inspiring youngsters to feel energized and creative.

Now you are probably wondering why gray accessories. Well, striking gray accessories in the range of carved vases or steel gray mantle pieces complement all home décor. Gray sectionals are great, with clever textures that complement the royal and luxurious look.

A love of gray and its amazing uses is just the beginning of a beautiful home! Let’s inject more life with gray combinations impeccably made by our design consultants. Visit or call us on 098404 88402 today to explore amazing options for your home décor project.

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