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What is the typical timeline for filing a lawsuit with Maui fire lawyers?

lawsuit with Maui fire lawyers

Maui fire lawyers have filed the first lawsuits accusing Hawaiian Electric of negligently causing or contributing to the Maui wildfires. The lawsuits are alleging that the utility company failed to shut off power when high winds were expected which caused trees and debris to fall on or spark fires from overhead power lines. The fires have destroyed homes and businesses, killed people and damaged historic landmarks in Lahaina. The lawsuits also claim that Hawaiian Electric didn’t properly maintain vegetation near power poles and the utility substation which made it more likely for a fire to start in those areas.

The lawsuits state that the plaintiffs are seeking compensation for property losses, physical injuries and emotional distress. The lawsuits accuse the defendants of a number of different acts including negligence and breach of contract. They also accuse the defendants of failing to maintain and inspect their equipment, which contributed to the fires. The lawsuits also accuse the defendants of negligence in their failure to warn and protect residents, visitors and tourists about the dangers of the wildfires.

The first lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric was filed by a group of five residents of Lahaina on August 15th. The lawsuits alleged that the utility company ignored warnings from the National Weather Service and failed to de-energize their electrical infrastructure in accordance with industry standards.

What is the typical timeline for filing a lawsuit with Maui fire lawyers?

In California, where PG&E was forced to file for bankruptcy protection in 2019 after being hit with potentially ruinous wildfire lawsuits, utility companies have been required to shut off power in extreme conditions like high winds and droughts. Hawaii law firms have been sending experts to the island in hopes of determining if the cause of the Maui wildfires is due to damaged utility power lines.

As the fires continue to destroy lives and properties in Maui, attorneys from Watts Guerra, Singleton Schreiber, and Frantz Law Group have been collecting evidence, interviewing eyewitnesses, and reviewing reports that suggest that the fires may be due to damaged power infrastructure owned by Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.

Maui wild fire attorney

The lawsuits also allege that the utility company neglected to follow national guidelines in preserving evidence and protecting property from further damage. It is alleged that the defendants removed power poles, equipment and other material before investigators could access it. This is against national guidelines and could compromise the case.

The lawsuits state that the plaintiffs have suffered a variety of losses including the loss of their homes, cars and other personal belongings. They are seeking financial compensation to cover their losses and the costs of rebuilding and restoring their lives. The lawsuits also allege that the fires are causing significant damage to the environment and wildlife in addition to the destruction of property.


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