Marketing online has never been easier with all of today’s tools that allow you to automate the process and give you extra time to focus on more important things like thinking about your marketing strategies and building relationships.

One of the tools that I discovered for myself in my early days of making money online and that I remain very loyal to now is AWeber.

AWeber is an autoresponder. It helps you build a prospect list and ensure your emails are delivered effectively. AWeber is the industry leader in autoresponders and is certainly the most popular among professional bloggers.

Fortunately, I’ve avoided the hassle of doing everything manually or through worse autoresponders from the start. I had great mentors who introduced me to AWeber in the first few weeks. However, I have heard many dramatic stories of online sellers trying to do the automated part on their own. They had to make sure they always had their alert calendar handy, on the computer or on the phone; covering the refrigerator and bathroom mirror with sticky notes and maintaining complex spreadsheets so you don’t forget to send competitor emails to your list based on what stage they were in at the time. And all that manual work to primarily ensure that an autoresponder does its job.

Discovering AWeber’s autoresponder was like a revelation for many of them. The many benefits of this tool include:

o Internet marketers could now save a lot of time: all you need to do is prepare your emails, copy and paste them into AWeber, and tell the system at what stage the emails should be sent. This allows you to always be “there” for your list. Your list will be able to reply directly to these emails and receive letters in their inbox without having to log in to AWeber.

o Reliability: When you create emails, you can’t be sure how “spam-prone” they are. AWeber classifies your emails against spam and you can always modify the text to classify well. This protection ensures that your emails go through numerous filters and don’t show up in people’s spam folder in your inbox.

o Templates: AWeber provides a variety of templates for email campaigns and subscription forms.

o Click Tracking: The system will tell you which links in your emails are clicked, whether or not the emails are read and when.

o Unlimited emails: You can send as many emails as you want from your account. There is no limit or extra charge.

o Customer Service: A week after signing up for AWeber, I received a personal call from their representative, who knew I was based in the UK and called me on UK Daytime (however, being based in the US ) to ask me how I was progressing and if I needed help with any aspect of AWeber.

AWeber has helped me automate my business and saved me a lot of time and headaches. It is extremely important for an online seller to have a reliable autoresponder. How you communicate with your list is a big part of how you present yourself and your brand. AWeber is not expensive at all and the rewards for this small investment can be huge. Of course, your list brings you the money, but it’s how you manage and nurture it that defines your income level.

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