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Game Jargon – Know the jargon to get things done! Here’s the lingo of popular board games

Don’t be left behind when playing at the casino! Learn the vocabulary of games of chance as you learn the games. This is important to understand so that you don’t feel like a newbie when playing board games.


Basic strategy – Plays you must make to maximize your advantage

Burn letters – Cards removed after the deck.

Bust / Break – Overcoming a total hand of 21

Card counting – Memorize cards played with an assigned value

Color – Collect your chips

Bend – To double your initial bet after the initial 2-card deal

Even money – Cashing your bet for a 1/1 payout when you have a blackjack against a dealer ace

Cards with figures – Jacks, Queens, Kings (aka Picture Cards)

First base – First seat to the dealer’s left

Hit / Draw – Asking for another card to add to your hand

Hole card – The dealer’s face down card

Sure – An additional bet for the player when the dealer shows an ace.

Pat Hand – A had a value of at least 17 points

Push / tie – Player and dealer with the same total hands

Shoe – A device used to store and dispense cards.

Soft hand A hand with an ace counted as 11 or 1

Stiff hand – A hand with little chance of winning if you get hit

Give up – Give you your hand to lose half your bet

Third base – Last seat to the dealer’s right

Card up – Dealer’s first card dealt face up


Any Craps – A total of dice of 2, 3 or 12

Great red – a bet on the Any seven box

Vans – When the dice add up to 12

Covered dice – Twisted dice

Cold Table – When most shooters aren’t winning

Come Bet – A bet placed after the point is established

Exit Roll – First roll of dice in a round

Don’t come to bet – A bet placed after the point is established (the result is opposite of the Come bet)

Don’t pass the bet – Betting against the shooter before Exit roll

Free fees – An additional bet behind the Pass line bet taken in true odds

George – A good tip

Hard way – A 4,6,8,10 thrown in pairs

Place bet Betting that a place number (4-6, 8-10) will be rolled before a 7

Point number – One of the numbers 4-6, 8-10 made on the output roll

Press A Bet – To double your bet amount

Betting proposal – (AKA Prop Bets) one roll and Hard way bets

Right Gambler – Betting the shooter will win

Seven out – When a 7 is rolled before the point number

Shooter – Player currently rolling the dice

Snake Eyes – When the dice add up to 2

Rigid – A poor dumper

Toke – An advice given to the dealer.

Vigorish – ( AKA Vig) commission taken by the house

Wrong gambler – Betting the shooter will lose

Me – The number 11 (aka Yo-Leven)


Aces up – A pair of aces with another pair

Everything inside – Betting all your remaining chips

In view of – The initial bet before the deal begins

Belly Buster – An interior staircase project

Big Slick – An ace and a king

Blinds – 2 forced bets before the cards are dealt (small blind and big blind)

Boat – Slang for a Full house

Broadway – Highest possible ladder with mixed suits, 10, J, Q, K, A

Button – A disc placed in front of a player acting as a dealer.

Bullets – A pair of aces

Call – To match the current bet

Check – Postpone placing a bet until another player does

Cowboys – Slang for a pair of kings

Dead hand – A hand with no chance of winning

Donkey / Fish – A bad player

Dead drawing – A hand that will lose even if it improves

Flop – The first 3 community cards

Flush – 5 cards of the same suit

Full house – (AKA Boat ) 3 of one type and 2 of another

Kicker – The highest unpaired card in a hand.

Ladies – Slang for a pair of queens

Muck – Discarded hands upside down

Walnuts – Highest possible hand

Overcard – One card higher than another

ATVs 4 of a kind

Rag (s) – Cards that do not add value to your hand

Rainbow – Cards with different suits

River – The fifth and final community card

Rounder – One who makes a living playing cards

Royal flush – Highest possible hand, a suited 10, J, Q, K, A

Set / Travel – 3 of a kind

Small pile – Have the least amount of chips on the table

Color ladder – 5 cards of the same suit in sequential order

He says – Behavior that gives other players information about how you might play your hand

Tight – Someone who only plays premium hands

Inclination – Desperate to hit losses again, causing bad decisions

To turn – The fourth community card

Under the gun – First player to bet after the big blind

Wheel – The lowest possible ladder with mixed suits A, 2, 3, 4,5

Wiring – A pair dealt on the first 2 cards.

So there you have it. Learning this lingo will help you on your way to becoming a seasoned responsible gamer. Good luck!


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