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Tame the terrible tantrums of the two

The terrible twos can be a stressful time for everyone, little boys seem to start when their mothers are busiest. We have all seen the dreadful tantrums that little children can often have in public places with their poor mothers trying to cope as best they can. Well, it happens to all of us sometimes, but it can often be prevented. By now your child is developing rapidly and turning into a little character, on good days a whole lot of mischief, on bad days a frustrated tornado!

My first daughter was a very happy placid child but at times I could see how frustrated she got. She without enough knowledge or language to fully communicate, but wanting to show her independence. I came up with a simple solution that often prevented problems, frustrations, and conflicts.

I began to offer 2 options in which it did not matter to me, for example, when dressing: “Which arm do we put first, the right or the left”? He loved the game, and we both ended up laughing, much better than tears and frustration; she also learned her left from her right. Asked in a relaxed and fun way, this can become a game that can be extended to many areas, it is also a teaching opportunity with a solution. The child feels that he has some control, which is what he craves at this stage of his development, and the heat is taken out of the conflict. I have since seen this method in the “options” list as an official parenting method, but it came to me by accident, just looking for a solution.

Talking to the kids while shopping is fun for both of them as they get older, keeps them from getting bored, and makes your trip easier and more enjoyable for everyone. For example, “Can you see the tomatoes?” or “Let’s count 6 carrots” only takes a few minutes but makes for a happy shopper. Stimulated children are more likely to enjoy shopping trips and less likely to become bored, irritable, and have tantrums. It also becomes a learning situation which is an added bonus. If possible, don’t go on shopping trips when your child is tired or hungry, and try to include them in the conversation.

I hope these suggestions give you some ideas and make your life and shopping trips more fun. you will see an incredible difference in your child and the cooperation they will gain. Your little one will become more involved and enjoy shopping and find it less stressful.


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